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Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Update...of sorts

THAT CAT, that one of the boy's friends saved from death (the boy actually shelled out his hard earned money to buy it, though he knew he couldn't keep it) and brought over to us to beg to keep has officially started to earn its keep!! Her name is Saban..I refused to call her by her name until she earned her keep, though she really is a fairly loving cat. She basically lives in my bathroom cabinets and doesn't want to come out unless SHE wants to come out. And on that note, don't you just LOVE the lovely little spot she has decided to claim as her own...a basin from the hospital that's been, for some reason, sitting in there since they removed my "oven" 2 years ago...at least it finally came in handy for something.
Anyway, as I mentioned, I had a mouse (mice) issue the other day while cleaning the floor. Well, apparently Saban went stalking the house while we were asleep last night. This morning I'm sitting all cozy in the living room with computer in hand, happily reading blogs when I hear one of the girls start getting up...then I hear this really strange sound that can only be made by a 14 year old teenage girl in complete disgust mode... "ohhhhhhhhhhewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww". So, of course, being the great mom I am, I bellow thru the house asking what in the world is grossing her out this time. Right in the middle of the back living room lies a little dead mouse.....
Only took her an hour to realize she should have grabbed a paper towel and got the little nasty up before the little 9 year old came trooping through, sigh.

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