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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

11 Years

Yesterday was my dear hubby's and my anniversary, which we will celebrate this weekend. Time flies so fast when you are having fun with the love of your life. On the one hand, 11 years seems like alot...and yet we both still feel a little shock that it has "only" been 11 years. It's hard at times to realize we both had so much "other life" before we met and married. I know, logically, that I had 27 years before I met him, but at times it seems so hard to recall a time I didn't know and love him! Just feels like we have always been there for each other...he was telling me last night that he swears it should be more like 20 years togeather, in a good way LOL. I'm looking forward to 11 more years..and 11 more, and 11 more..etc ;~)

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful week..and counting the big and small blessings that we have every single day!


Tracy said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary, Missy! May you both celebrate many more years of wedded bliss together. :)

Missy said...

Thank you Tracy! Gets more blissful every day..isn't it wonderful to have a great marriage!!

Crazy Hippie Yoga Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!

Missy said...

Thanks so much!!