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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Grocery shopping day

(note: liberal sarcasm sprinkled throughout)

Time for the monthly shopping trip, and since I procrastinated (of course)...here I am trying to tear thru cleaning out the frig and pantry (as I sit here typing on the computer LOL) and making a grocery list so I don't forget anything I need for the month. My dear hubby's solution was to make a list of 5 meals and just plan to make them 6 times, sigh....quite sure he didn't think of the boredom and sickness of eating the same 5 meals for an entire month! I really wonder how it is that I can think of 20 thousand meals during the month, but when it is time to sit and make a menu of healthy and economical dinnersI draw a total blank. One of the few things that makes me thankful it is hunting season though, potential for lots of meat in the freezer..which frees up money to buy other kinds of meat to expand the menu a bit!
But, on the other side, I would MUCH rather do this than have to go into the local Wallyworld every week and figure out what we need! Other than this bit of stress on the "day of..." trying to get organized, it is wonderfully freeing to have this all over and done with in one day as opposed to having to deal with it on a slightly smaller scale weekly....not to say I don't have to drop into a store to pick up more milk, bread or lettuce....but that is a heck of alot easier than plotting weekly how to survive the local chaos of Wallyworld.
So, guess it is time to get back to the world and get this list made!
Hope everyone is having a great day!!

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