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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stocked and Rambling

Well, the monthly grocery thing is done....and I now have a full freezer and pantry ready to make all kinds of yummies and comforts. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as the cabinets bulging and letting you know you can provide for the family. I have my $50 left over to pick up the occasional milk and such throughout the month, as needed...wonderful feeling!
At this moment I can smell the rich pot of Irish Stew (the hubby's fav) simmering on the stove. I would bake, but those brownies in there will cover dessert for tonight. That leaves me free to head out to the Hubby's double-header softball game tonight YEAH...girlies are on Fall Break, so we can go cheer our guy on.
Hopefully, even though I am rather late hopping on the "blogger bandwagon", I can figure this stuff out and get all the nifty doo-dads and pictures and such going on here. Maybe I can get some pointers from all these lovely ladies out here in bloggyland ;~)

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