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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gratitude List~ My first week

In my quest to help myself reach my goals, I'm going to follow the lead of several ladies whos blogs I adore and keep a weekly gratitude list. Here are mine for this week....

1. The fire burning in the woodstove.

2. My hubby starting the 2nd week on his new job.

3. The scent of the pot of coffee I just brewed.

4. My little girl curled up on the couch watching Mickey and Co.

5. God for taking care of us even when I haven't been the best in showing that I trusted Him to do that very thing.

6. My 3 chicken ladies running around the yard providing all kinds of entertainment.

7. Having had our 11th anniversary this past week and knowing that I love him more every single day.

8. The oil lamps that are filled and will be giving off beautiful light and warmth this evening when my guy gets home.

9. Sunday phone calls from loved ones who live far away.

10. That large garden tub that will be filled with hot water and bubble bath this afternoon ;~)


Prairie Moon Farm said...

Oh what a lovely idea!! I think I will have to jump on board for this, love it!

Prairie Moon Farm

~Missy~ said...

Go for it Rachael! It was pretty neat sitting here and really thinking about what I am greatful for and what I'm blessed with.

Prairie Moon Farm said...

It is so good to stop and reflect on what we truly have in our lives, God is good!

Oh and I also stole your Shelfari bookshelf thingy and made one of my own! *giggle* Thank you for such great posts, fun links and ideas! :)


~Missy~ said...

Yes it is...I've (finally) noticed lately that if I don't stop and think of them, alot of them go unnoticed!
I love the bookshelf thing! I need to put more books on mine...I wish I could find a job that would pay me to read all day ;~)

~Missy~ said...

BTW Rach, do you have the "post a comment" turned off on your blog? Went to leave a comment on the post that just went up about lightening storms and it doesn't show anything about comments...got something to share with you on that subject!!

Prairie Moon Farm said...

EEEEK lightning!! LOL! I might be too scared to read it! Yes I do have the comment box turned off, only because for 1) I am super shy and 2) I knew if I allowed comments I'd be haunting my page looking for comments to respond to all day, thus finding more excuses to NOT get things done, lol! Perhaps I should turn it back on, I've been thinking of doing that for awhile. You can e-mail me at prairiemoonfarm@gmail.com if you wish. I'll let you know if I decide to turn the comment box back on, hehe!


Amber said...

I love your list! I saw that you have the book "Created to be His Helpmeet" on your bookshelf. You've read it? How was it? I have that book on my "books to read" list.

~Missy~ said...

I actually enjoyed it very much Amber...I've had it a few years now and probably read it again at least 2-3 times each year..sort of a "refresher" on it, just to see how I am doing.