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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts of today

I was sitting here today pondering over what to write, aside from posting some pics of the fun costume party we went to last night. We have alot of stress on our plate these days on the financial front and it's been dragging me down a bit. I didn't want a depressing post at all, so I decided it might be better for me to just wander in space and read some other blogs instead. The first one I come across and read is from Tracy In The Pines , who, it turns out, is facing alot of the same things I am. Her post was an awesome reminder of what my job, as the mom in residence here, is all about. I am a worrywart, I know this and accept this (to some degree, LOL). I know in my heart that God will provide our needs but that never seems to stop me from worrying and stressing over difficult situations. Apparently I am such an obvious worrier (is that a word?) that my children had once bought me a button to put on my purse that states "I worry, therefore I am"...sigh...that's probably not a good thing. Seems I have alot of things I need to be working on...hmmm, that might make a good list for "to do" for 2010, hehehe. Seriously though, I really want to change this. I know when I look back with that wonderful 20/20 hindsight that we are all blessed with, I notice that all those things that I have worried and stressed over in the past worked themselves out just fine and that not one single ounce of my worry made a single bit of difference. So, how do I change a 38 year habit, because that is what it is...a habit! I think I've made the first step in acknowledging it and wanting to change it. I know what I want, I know what my God given role in this house is...I imagine my next step is to make a concious effort to stop myself when I feel the worry/stress creep up on me...to go about my task of creating a peaceful and restful home for my family in positive and meanful steps (hmm, that kind falls in line with my other goal of stopping living for when we get to build our "real" house and focus on the home we have now...ponder ponder ponder). It's time to stop focusing on worrying about that ugly electric bill with the cut off date this week and start focusing on being aware of the blessings in my life and showering my family with love, peace, simple abundance of the blessings we do have and a cozy warm and welcoming home. It's time for me to visibly SHOW that I trust in God to take care of our needs and that I understand His clear directive of what I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing, instead of just "knowing it" and continuing to worry my life away anyway.
And on a side note..I finally learned out to link other sites in my posts WOOHOO, hehehehe...a small blessing I am tickled to death over!

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