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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Lesson learned...

...the hard way. Why, why, why do I ignore things that tell me not to do 'whatever'. So, my oldest girlie had the tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy and septum alteration yesterday morning. We had to arrived at the hospital at the lovely hour of 5a.m. (have I ever mentioned we live 45 minutes from that side of Gadsden, depending on exactly how fast I'm driving..in the dark, 45 minutes since I have night blindness issues). OK, so she is his first scheduled surgery of the day, supposed to start at 7. We check in at exactly 5am, go to the room that is going to be her recovery room and get her changed into gown. About 6 they move her to the "holding room" where all the folks having surgery are so the nurses can poke you and the folks who will be knocking you out stop by for a chat, all the usual fun stuff. Well, nurse keeps coming by and saying "we're ready to go as soon as Doc gets here". Don't get me wrong, he's a wonderful doc (he's the one who reset my broken nose), but I was annoyed when the man FINALLY arrived at 7:20. Things went quickly from there though. They took her back at 7:25, the nurse called the surgery waiting room at 7:35 to let me know she was under and surgery had just started. I waited, drank coffee, did sudoku puzzles and wondered if Hubby and the baby girlie were going to make it up there before surgery was over. (Hubby working third shift, girlie sleeping at grandma's till Daddy got home). At 8:35 Doc makes it out to let me know everything went very well, that it took a while longer because it appears she had a chronic infection for years and didn't know it, probably didn't know the difference in the way it should feel. Also informed me one of the adenoids was so swollen that it was completely blocking off the nostril on that side, hence the reason she breathed thru her mouth 95% of the time. The infections had "christalized" into tiny pellets that were getting in the way of removal. The repairs inside the nose, he made almost double the size that the openings were originally given the fact that they were only about half the size of the tip of a pinkie finger. Hubby and the girlie arrived about 15 minutes before she was moved to her private recovery room. After two hours we were allowed to take her home, which we were all more than glad to do. Now, as to the lesson learned. Last month when we saw the doc and planned the surgery we were given several pages about both of the surgeries giving the general info and all that good jazz. One sentence struck me as funny. It was talking about how the tonsil heals and the paper said it is actually better to NOT try to look back there after surgery because it looks awful, but that is how it is actually supposed to look, so don't look because it would cause you to worry for no reason. Yeah, right, I thought. Well, I will freely admit I was wrong and they were right.....we looked today, with a flashlight. It's going to take a while before I get that mental picture gone. Blech. Poor girlie took a look too, in the mirror and flipped out (at least that part was kinda funny...I'm such a mean mom, hehehe). It is amusing when your 16 year old is running around saying "get it out get it out" and "uuuuggghhh, that is soooooo nastyyyyyyyyyy" in classic teenage whine tones. Either way, believe me, when surgery papers tell you it is probably best if you don't look, take my advice....DON'T LOOK!
Wishing all ya'll a blessed evening. I'm heading to tuck my girlies in for the evening and curling up with my favorite fella to watch the rest of the Bama/LSU game. Roll Tide Roll!!!