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Friday, May 21, 2010

It's moving along

here on the Alaskan front in our 2 1/2 weeks. Hubby is off at work today and I start my new job with Wells Fargo Monday. Going to be quite an adjust for me and the kidlets since I've done the at home mom thing for years and years now! Our new to us car here is up and running, taking Eric back and forth to Anchorage to work, but he is still seeking work here in the "Valley" to cut down on gas costs and to give us a bit more time together as we are used to. The beauty all around us still astounds us every single day and seeing a moose is still a thrill and we act like the newbies we are LOL. Soon on the agenda will be a place of our own and a second car so we don't have to worry about how each of us will get to work. It's all moving at His Pace! He has guided us every step of the way with this move and we continue to lean on Him and try not to worry or stress. We fully believe He led us here and has a plan in mind just for us. Some days are harder than others to have the patience we need to have, but on the whole, thing are going very well and following logical steps. Now I just need to get someone to teach me how to upload mulitple photos in a blog ;-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

From Alaska

Long time no post!! Plans changed rapidly and we took the leap. Boarded a plane a week and a half ago and landed in Anchorage Alaska. Currently staying with friends out in Willow. The hubby wound up with a job transfer and I'm out hunting work. Hopefully I'll find more time to keep the blog updated now after winding up a rapid 2 months of selling off most of our possessions, our house, etc, and staying with the in-laws for a month before our flight time arrived.