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Friday, September 02, 2011

Still hanging in..

Sorry I haven't updated since we left Alaska, but I'm still on the never ending fight with dial-up internet. I find it amazing that in AK we lived 40 miles from town and had high speed, yet here in Alabama, if I hear ONE more time that we will have high speed within a year I'm going to have a stroke! That's what they've been saying for 4 years now here at the In-laws house, blech! We've had such fun (not) readjusting to the temps down here in the southland...quit strange to realize one summer away can cause you to lose your knack for the heat. There are days I am glad we are back, times when I am glad we were here for family such as when the tornados ripped thru and they really needed our muscle-power for the clean-up..and there are days I miss Alaska so much. I had heard a number of people say once you have lived in Alaska you will miss it and want to go back the rest of your life...they might be right. It was a learning experence, and we can see everything we should have done differently that might have made a difference. On the other hand, we've been shown quite a few times now why we needed to be back here. Who knows what the future holds. I'll try to update as often as I can about all that is going on here in our lives.
Our oldest gal is really thrilled to be back, which we expected. As much as she loved snow and having the chance to run dogs....she was older and to her there is nothing like the best pals that she's grown up with most of her life. She's also a grandma's girl very much and revels in getting to see and talk to her daily.
Our little girl takes it all in stride, like the girl she is. She enjoyed equally playing in the snow in AK and swimming in the pool here in AL. She's just deeply blessed with that "bloom where you are planted" gene that she didn't get from me LOL. That's something I struggle with on a daily basis.
Thanks all for hanging with me and the kind words of support you have sent me, they meant more than you will ever know.