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Friday, October 16, 2009

Weather changes

Fall has arrived here in Alabama...finally..it decided overnight to take a drop into cooler temps. There is that serious nip in the air that just invites a fire in the woodstove...which I get to pass on this morning since I'm getting ready to head out the door to our local "big city" area (a 30 minute drive) so that my oldest boy can be there for his final interview with Job Corp. My poor hubby has already gone out the door in a suit bound for Atlanta for a funeral for a distant relative, having to go the long way so he can stop in Rome for a drug test he has to take for a new job. He's so cute in a suit (hehe) and he just can't stand wearing them...and give me that 'look' cause I giggle at how cute he is tugging on the collar after he has gotten me to button him up...(what would he do without me, can't ever get that top button or the sleeves done himself). Some guys wear suits like second nature but I really prefer my guy looking a little uncomfy in his...and love him in his jeans and cowboy boots ;~)
Hope everyone is having a warm and wonderful day!!


Barefoot_Mommy said...

I am so grateful for that drop in temperature! I don't know what area you are in, in alabama, but in our area the night before we had a HUGE thunder and lightening storm and then yesterday is was cold ALL day! And it still hasn't gotten above 55 all day yet today either. I'm STOKED! We totally did a fire in the fire pit last night to celebrate.

Missy said...

So am I..even though we are heading back up into the 70's again, sigh. I'm up in the NE area under Weiss Lake..and loving the outdoor fires! We've had a couple of outdoor fires now and enjoying it to the max. Gonna have them all weekend to celebrate our anniversary if the weather cooperates!! Glad to meet another Alabama gal!