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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday time

(photo credit thanks to the wonderful Susan Stevenson!)
My baby girl turns 10 today! I do believe we are going to grill out some freshly caught Alaskan Reds with her favorite cookie cake for dessert. Tomorrow she get to go see the movie she's been anxious to see.."Charlie St. Cloud", then a good long bike ride thru one of the beautiful state parks up here with some berry picking along the way.
We are feeling out the area and getting to know our favorite locations. Hopefully some time within the next year or two we will find our little dream piece of land a bit farther away from town and build our tiny little dream cabin off-grid and get down to the business of living the life we have dreamed of for so long now! Eric is really hoping to find something about an hour outside of Fairbanks (summertime travel, that is, LOL), wooded but with some area clear for house, garden and a few farm animals. I love our tiny little hardworking dreams!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MAJOR slacking

Sorry gang for being such a blogging slacker as soon as I move to such an awesome place ;-)
I'm still working on finding that fine balance between working outside the home, dealing with housework (since I am apparently awful at asking for help because I think I should do it all, just because I always have), finding furniture at reasonable prices for the house AND being excited and getting to know the area I've dreamed about living in. It all sure can wear a gal out quickly! On the bright side, we now having living room furniture and just yesterday got to sleep on a bed for the first time in months (can I get a wooohoo!!! LOL) since we finally caved and bought ourselves a new bed.
We had a lovely 3 day weekend last weekend, a nice change from my poor guys usual one day off a week thing, and played at some yard sales and took a drive up the Delta Junction way (that would be the odd call you got Hayley, LOL). I'll be ever so glad when my fella has more time off so we can really get out and explore and take lots of pictures, though I have managed to get a few. I don't think we will ever get over the "newbie" reaction to seeing moose, especially since we got to see a mom with baby on the way back from Delta and had to turn back around to go stop beside the road and get pictures. Just yesterday we finally got to see our first Bald Eagle while hanging out on Wendy's back porch.
All and all, basically, it's busy busy busy around here..but I shall figure all the balance out and get back to regular blogging soon.