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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Today's Randomness

No clear writing thoughts (big surprise)..just a bunch of random thoughts/things running thru my fevered brain this evening. I'm having one of those " MUST..GET...IT ...OUT" moments and you lucky people will be the receivers of all this truly vital interesting important information and random thought patterns...as you read this, just think...she can't even type 1/10th as fast as this junk flies thru her head, so she is leaving out a ton..aren't I ever so grateful I don't have to live in her head, bahahahaha

Very tickled the girles went back to school today...needless to say, I accomplished nothing except the spreading of my tush muscles into new regions via sitting on it all day playing on the computer and enjoying the silence of the house. Couldn't not even make myself get up and exerise via the Wii since my elbow still hurts from bowling...can you just see 10 years down the road...millions of lawsuits against the Wii company with people complaining that Wii didn't warn them they might get tennis elbow or something.

Did not realize exactly how spoiled I had gotten over the Christmas vacation by not having to get up early..hence it isn't even 9pm and I've been totally ready to drop for at least an hour now and no amount of coffee is helping...and I still have to make tea so hubby will have some to take to work in the morning and so I will not bite the heads off my young when I have nothing cold to moisten my dry throat with when I wake up so that I can yell at them properly to get up and this really is the last warning. (and I really don't yell at my kids, but I do occasionally pounce upon the bed and tickle them awake like a truly evil mom should...nothing in the world like getting yanked out of sleep by tickling)

Just noticed I am in the post holiday "ack, I spent to much on Christmas..how will I pay bills and WHY WHY WHY are we already out of chocolate!!!!" And exactly why are we out of Chocolate anyway...other than the fact that I chunked the worlds nastiest Chocolate Santas that some family member must picked up from some netherworld region as no sane person on this planet would try to pass that junk off as real chocolate.

Wondering if I am the only mother in the world whose 9 year old got a kitchen appliance for Christmas (hot chocolate maker) and was thrilled with it and has watched her make at least 2 batches daily since Christmas morning. (Look, it's the only chocolate left in the house...nevermind the fact that I had to go day before yesterday and buy two more cans of the stuff and she is already on the 2nd can)

Thinks the television must be lying to me when they keep saying that Thursday, we, here in upper northeast Alabama, can expect 2-3 inches of snow. I was under the impression that I live in the SOUTH...the only year the south had real snow was in '93, which, of course, was the year I was living in Oregon cause I wanted to live somewhere with snow...and that would be the year Oregon never got more than an inch of snow....did I mention I am a snow jinx? Look out if I do move to Alaska..it will be a tropical region within a year!

Realizes that I am totally out of good reading material that I haven't read 10 times in the past year and that games on facebook can only keep you occupied so long before you have to actually get up and do something around the house out of sheer boredom ;~)

Still trying to figure out what in the world my mother in law was thinking when she got me a New Moon board game for Christmas?? On the bright side, she also got me an awesome mixer and they gave us one week use of the timeshare this summer, so off to Myrtle Beach we will be going...never been to Myrtle, so very looking forward to it even if we didn't get the resort we wanted since it was already booked for the entire summer.

Has a love/hate relationship with hubby's job. Absolutely love those 3 day off weekends that he gets weekly...really hate the Sunday and Monday 12 hour days that make it possible though.

And now I'm hopeful that all this writing down of all the babbling rambling thoughts in my head will mean that I will not have it replay about a million times in my head before I actually get to fall asleep tonight!

Thanks so much for the welcome backs that I've gotten!! Ya'll just don't know how nice it was to see that ;~)

Stumbling back in and the girls Christmas pictures..

Whoa, what a chaotic few months we have had here. We've all made it thru safe and sound, thank heavens!!

Now, time to jump back into blogging, with a short break at the end of this week as we spend 3 days helping some friends with thier daughters wedding.

I've missed blogspot so much! Had to take a step back, though, as I realized I was spending 5+ hours on here daily and everything else was falling to the wayside. I've been weeding out my blogs I follow this morning as I had over 300 different ones....no wonder I was on here so much LOL. Most of them got added as I was browsing thru blogs I follow and would check out blogs they follow...and so on...and would see one post or a few pictures that interested me, so they got added to the list....what an addiction!

Looking forward to get caught back up on what everyone here in bloggyspace is doing!!