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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Next Bend in the Road

Finally I am out of the horrors of dial up internet. We've had so many changes in our family since I last blogged that I'll just try to slip in facts as I keep up with the day to day things. We've been praying for this bend in our road for a year now and it is finally here. That nifty house up top is slowly and steadly becoming our home. One more load from the old place and all we have will be here. And then, the fun part begins... Making Home. God has blessed us even more than I ever dreamed of. Its a little after 1am here, so I'm heading off to get ready for my Man to come home from work and settle down with myself and our last little bird at home. I'm trying as fast as I can to catch up on everyone's blogs and see what all I've missed. I'm ready to get back into the swing of typing out some of the day and sharing pictures. Little bird is getting big, just turned 13 and is just as quirky as her mom ;-)

Sleep well