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Monday, October 26, 2009

Why I now HATE Mop-n-Glo and other unpleasant discoveries..

Why oh why did noone ever tell me that gook builds up on your floor..and that if you happen to notice that your 9 year old child dropped waffle batter on the floor and let it dry and you try to scrub it up that it will "roll" off in big globby grey pieces...oh ICK. So, what does that leave a gal to do but have to get down on her hands and knees with a bucket of soapy degreasing water with a brillo pad to try to get it off. You might think,hhmmm, just mop over it..but then, could you bring yourself to walk across the floor knowing there is this layer of grey ick just hiding on the floor (that is NOW noticiable because you just had to scrub up that dried batter) and maybe THAT is the reason the floor constantly looks so dull???

THEN, as the proverbial icing on the cake, you keep noticing this strange little squeeky noise whist you are down on the aforementioned hands and knees that suddenly keeps escalating into some sort of frenzy...and then it hits you...there is a MOUSE trapped in the inner workings of your chest freezer that is a few scant feet away from you..


Only then does it hit you that the reason for the strange sounding frenzy is because there is not one..but AT LEAST TWO...little furry critters apparently fighting over something in the guts of your freezer

At this point in time, and even though your spouse is a firefighter, you seriously start considering burning down the house...cause it will most definately fix both the mouse and the gook problem.

So, here I am, scrubbing the floor 5 minutes at a time..while stopping to do the billion other things that we stay at home moms get to deal with on a daily basis..and I freely admit that I yanked the freezer away from the wall and duct taped the entry point shut so hubby can deal with the mouse when he gets home and I can scrub the floor without worrying about a mouse scurrying across my knuckles (insert a mad crazy laugh here LOL)


Linda Stubbs said...

Hello! Thank you for coming over and becoming a follower! I will come back later and read. I am right in the middle of a dead line for doing an article for The Girlhood Home Companion and have to stay on task. Just so wanted to welcome you and let you know I saw that you came over! Blessings and soooo nice to meet you.
Linda from Prairie Flower Farm

Kathy C. said...

LOLOL - Oh Missy. I noticed I had another follower and popped over to "meet" you...I love to laugh...sorry that your mishap's today have helped me do that. :)
Oh my...I do want to hear about how your hubby helped out with the mouse situation!!!!
Thank you for coming by. :)
Have a beautiful day! (even if on your hands and knees)

Catherine Anne said...

Sorry too for your mishaps but you gave me a laugh along with great tips. Nice to meet you!

~Missy~ said...

Ah, I take it all in good fun. Other than the scrubbing part (which made my arm totally sore the next day), I was laughing the whole time... and, btw, the mice escaped and are still running rampant around the house, sigh.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Thanks for commenting on the ghost post! I would personally love to see the old houses in Georgia! I think that would be interesting.

And my husband is also a firefighter but I completely think you would be justified burning the house down. There isn't a jury alive that could fault you... :)

Hope the mouse issue was resolved!

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I'm sorry Missy, but I nearly fell out of bed laughing! We have had many mouse incidents over the years and that's with up to 3 cats in the house! They bring 'em in, say there ya go mum and clear off out the cat flap! Charming!