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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Losing myself..

in blogs, that is..LOL

I really really meant to post, but I've been reading and reading and reading some more, hehe. First I got lost over here at Maple Valley and loved reading about their lifestyle because it is similar to what we want to do at some point in the future. Then, Tuesday morning, I wandered over to Like Mother, Like Daughter and have been lost there for the last two days LOL...I want Leila to be my mom and be a sister to that wonderful pack of hers! ;~)
Since I'm still fairly new to blogger, even though I posted once or twice a year, I never really looked around and found all the amazing women that are out there sharing about their lives. I had been thinking for a week now about writing up a post pondering on thoughts I have about the book Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, since I've been re-reading it. That kind of friendship has been a lack all my life. I had friends in school, of course...but never that kind of a connection. Despite growing up in a small town (moving to a large town in high school) I never found people who I "clicked" with..certainly not like that. All of my adult life has revolved around my kids and my husband, whom I couldn't imagine being without...but it took me a long while now to realize "something" was missing. In general, as I've mentioned before, I like people...on my terms...and yet I feel this lack of sharing with other like-minded WOMEN (anyone know what I mean??).My guy Eric is the best friend I could ever have, but, as a man, he doesn't always "get" the things that excite or interest me.
Well, some people might not consider having online friends as "real" friends...but they don't know what they are missing!! To me, it has the best of both worlds. I'm not lucky enough to have the advantage of people I feel I click with around me locally. I have a bad habit of going into what the family calls "hermit-mode" and don't really want to leave the house for any kind of social thing for weeks/months at a time. Not exactly conductive for the traditional types of friendships, as most people tend to get offended if you don't go hang out with them once a week and such. Me, however, am always up for a chat online, on the phone, whatever...I get to be HOME to do it! Even the better if it is with people who I have something in common with and share interests with. I'm looking forward to perhaps connecting with some of the awesome women I've been finding daily here and discovering what we might be able to bring to each other's lives. (you should really see my blogroll..and I've only been at it a few weeks now, hehe)
Isn't it terrific to stumble across the very thing you have been looking for! One of life's many small and big blessings!


Kelle said...

It's as if you were reading my mind or that you took the words right out og my mouth, WOW!

I tend to get into a hermit mode too and like you don't have the advantage of likeminded people in our area. Most of the people here are curious about us, but also think we're weird for living such an old fashioned lifestyle. The people I tend to relate to better, in our area, are the elder generation they are proud of us and encourage the way we live.

We home schooled our two children for 16+ yrs and although our dd(18yrs old) is still at home and most like will be for some time and the fact that Mike is my best friend, but doesn't understand what's missing in my life, because he is a very social person and works outside the home, so his social needs are met. Now that our Dd is graduated I'm free to persue some of my interests, but.... I also feel a wee bit guilty about putting my own interests first, do you know what I mean. I'm working on setting up our spare room into a craft area, I'd like to get involved in quilting and Dd makes beautiful beaded jewlery and we both do many other crafty things.
If you'd like, I'm always open to email or old fashioned snail mail pen pals. I also like to chat via the phone. Stop into our blog and maybe we can become online friends!

Blessings for the remainder of your week.

~Missy~ said...

Thanks Kelle!! Isn't it terrific to find like-minded gals!!
...hoping back over to your blog now..expect an email soon ;~)

~Missy~ said...

Hey Kelle...can't find an email addy for you...send me one at idlewild at tds.net