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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well, I sat down last night to type up a post, even with much prayer I was having issues in choosing how to word it... and in typical me fashion, I read thru blogs that had posted that day to sort of settle my mind before I started my own. Imagine my surprise when I head over to one particular bloggy friend and see she is announced the same exact thing I was preparing myself to type up. This gal lived one town over from me back in Alabama, moved to Alaska the same month we did and now, ironically, is heading back to Alabama on the very same day we are. Our reason are the same and different. Our major reason is different, but all the small reasons, she summed up better than I might would have. For my hubby and I, it was always a dream to live here...mainly because the "Last Frontier" is appealing, and a huge chunk is that we've never found a place were we feel like we fit like glove..where we felt totally at home.I don't know if we thought Alaska would be our forever place or not, but we wanted to live a dream and find out. This is truly a beautiful and glorious state and there are things that I will miss like seeing moose, bald eagles and snow drifting down, the incredible spirit of the people who call this state home. However, there are things of the south that we miss that go soul deep..rafting down Terrapin creek, thunderstorms blowing thru(not the tornadoes though), cicadas and crickets chirping at night, big and round leafy trees,...thinking that 32 degrees is pretty darn cold(hehe). Our girls are happy to be going back. While they love the snow, dog sledding and such..they miss the family we are close to, they miss the friends they've grown up with their entire lives, they miss the freedom of outdoors without being layered so they don't freeze (or get frost nip, which one of them dealt with 2 weeks ago despite being covered and layered head to toe), summertime and heat, hunting and fishing.
And so, on that note, due to some family issues back home and southern roots that go deep...we are ending our Alaskan adventure this Sunday. The hubby will return this summer for construction season, which will be difficult for us being apart that long, but necessary as he is committed to the company he works for for this summer season and for income for us to settle back in down south. We continue to pray for guidance on this path. We have no doubt whatsoever that He led us here for a reason and we feel at peace with the fact that we are going back...I look forward to whatever adventures He has in store for us on the journey of life. We've learned much about ourselves here, we've learned what we can and can not live without, or with, for that matter. See you all from the Southeastern side!