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Friday, December 31, 2010

Heading into a New Year

The rear of our cozy little cabin at around 9am.Light is slowly creeping back into our world.

Quite a load of snow up on the rooftop, at least 8 inches deep with another heavy snow heading in this evening.

Our 12/30 snowfall total for overnight and the day,bring us up to 30 inches so far this winter.

Its so nice to be a kid! 8 new inches of snowfall make for terrific snow angels.

Also makes for a very snowy little girl!

Currently the snow is falling as "Storm 2" makes its way thru our area. The forecast shows snow for the next 7 or so days. I'm just a snow addict! I think we're going to spend our first year here in Alaska quietly at home, keeping our traditions of the torching of the years Christmas tree and just simply being together as our family has always done, and thinking of the family we have in the South that won't be with us for New Years for the first time ever. Eric doesn't return to work until Tuesday, the same day the girls head back to school. It's been an awesome time for us to be together, just relaxing and meshing again as a family unit. I, personally, have been on a bit of a soul and heart searching "quest", for lack of a better word. Everything has been so busy busy busy with a pile of stress mixed in that I let slip the peace I should feel and the heart for home that is so important for a helpmeet to have. I have a bad habit of borrowing trouble and worrying about things far more than I should. I tend to forget that my whole life is in His hands and keep thinking I have to handle all this myself. Time to fix that....


Lisa said...

Missy, I am so glad you are enjoying all the snow.

I know how important your family is to you and I love to see someone that is so family oriented. Sadly I dont see that too much nowadays.

Happy New Year to you and your family, I am very glad to call you a friend :)

Kelle said...

Happy New Year, may it be filled with Love and many Blessings for you and your family.

I can relate to what you said in your last paragraph, and I too will be changing that, with prayer and refocusing on what God wants for me.

Blessings and stay warm,

HermitJim said...

Safe and sound at home with family! Sounds like a snug place to be to me...

And you even have your own postcard picture right outside your front door! How cool is that? (no pun intended)

Have a safe one, my friend!

anne said...

it's so beautiful there!

thanks for following :D i will be doing the same. i just read your last posts and it seems like such an exciting adventure you and your family have embarked on. can't wait to read more!

happy new year!

lila Check said...

Iam so happy you are enjoying the snow...is hard moving home and having to face such a cold winter on top of that!
happy new year!

Rocksee said...

Hey there Missy..

I stumbled into your blog from another blog and I really enjoy it.. You have some awesome pictures.

I love finding other transplants to Alaska..and reading about there journey through..

Anyways nice to meet you