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Monday, September 27, 2010

Interesting Week so far...

Ash and I walking down the road in our subdivision...I love Alaska's idea of subdivisions LOL..especially when they are 40 miles out of town.

I've had my guy home for an entire week now and I'm loving it! He is just so much fun to hang out with and relax with. We got our little nest in order, though I'm sure there will be changes as we figure out what works best where around here. I'm trying not to think about how rough its going to be when I have to let him go back to work, which unfortunately, is fairly soon. Dish network continues to be a pain about getting out here to hook us up to television. They've cancelled on me once and have now told me they don't have a technician "available" to come "all the way out to Willow" until Oct 13th...fun fun. Eric is about ready to just tell them to shove that box where the sun don't shine and we'll do without television!

We spent Friday without power from 10:30am till sometime around midnight due to some nasty winds whipping thru the Valley area. Hard to complain though when some part of the area were without power for up to 60 hours, costing many folks supplies in the frig and freezers. It did teach us pretty quick that we need to come up with a backup source of heat here at the cabin before the real cold hits...and maybe a hurricane lamp or two, though candle light was nice and put off a tiny bit of heat.

Saturday we headed up to Talkeetna to stuff ourselves at Mountain High Pizza Pie. Ash got her big slice of pepperoni pizza (their slices are 1/4 of a 15" pie) and we got their famous calzone. Ok, you've seen pics of my guy..big husky fella...he sets his arms down on the table and the calzone is wider than that. Seriously, they start out with dough the size of an extra large pizza, stuff it with whatever goodies you pick, fold it up and bake it. Took all 3 of us to eat that thing, and boy was it good. We wandered into the general store (which is another awesome place) and got some coffee and hot chocolate from the counter and picked up some of the cutest and warmest hats around...I find it funny when good warm hats are $4 and a bag of Fig Newtons are $7.50!!

Then Sunday we got hit with our reality check. We made a run into Wasilla to pick up our monthly groceries and as we came over the first big rise we see clouds on the mountains. No big deal at first time we look closer and notice we can see snow on those mountains that were bare just last week...wow! We talk about that fact the rest of the way into town and keep looking over and marveling at the fact that is snowing up there. We stop at our fav laundry mat to get quick showers and then head over to Wallyworld to pick up a few things. Our shock came when we stepped back outside...there were snow flurries...falling on US... My poor hubby had this look of shock and turned to me and said (i love this, hehe) "Baby, it's September, in Alaska, and it is SNOWING on us..in September...good grief, are we stupid or what?!?!?!" He said that was the first day since we've been here that he felt the slightest edge of missing the South LOL. He really does love it here, but for a Southern boy to find snow falling on his head in September...apparently no logical thought prepares you for that.

Life is Good!


Linda said...

Sounds cold. I have been here under a mountain for 7 years and am just starting to acclimatise. It was a cold winter, lucky I had a few years beforehand to get used to the cold.

HermitJim said...

It snows here in Houston about every 4 or 5 years...but to have it falling in September would be a culture shock for many of us!

Usually the only white stuff falling on my head this time of the year...is a donation made by the birds!