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Monday, September 13, 2010

So we took Labor Day weekend to rent a Uhaul and run most of our earthly possessions down to our little cabin in Willow..check out the view from our back windows!

After unloading and setting up the household(and being tickled that we managed to fit everything in) we just kicked back and relaxed a bit. We ran into Wasilla to eat at one of our fave resturants down there, then stopped by to see our local pals there (the ones who originally lived in our little cabin, that we stayed with when we first got here), then back to the cabin to enjoy an evening just being.
Monday, before heading back up to North Pole, we decided to make a run up to Hatcher's Pass in all its fall glory..very worth the extra time, as you can see...

One more week here in North Pole before we head down to the little cabin to settle in for the winter! I've spent the week arranging the utilities there and getting ready to shut off the same up here. The net won't go in until next Wednesday..whatever in the world will I do with 5 days of no blogs to read LOL


Hayley said...

Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the new place!

Becky said...

So glad you are living your dream. Life is too short!

Becky said...

BTW: What do ya'll do in the NorthPole? Work for santa? Had to ask.lol I added you on facebook too.

Moose Nugget said...

Girl, so glad y'all figured out where you were headed!
Hope all is well in Willow.
Here's something you won't hear often: I envy the dry cabin!
Have moved my blog also:

Moose Nugget

Linda said...

I don't think you will get tired of sunsets.