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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Settling in

Ashlyn howling with the sled dogs at the neighbors

There is, of course, still some adjusting to do..tweeking everything till I have it in the spot it will work the best for us, or makes the most sense, but other than that we are nicely settled. I'd like to get the boxes sent up from Alabama soon that contain our photos and knick knacks to help make the cabin feel more homey for us.
We've checked out the little stores here in Willow, got our library cards today and checked out some books (on a side note, Willow has an awesome library) and got our first Netflix shipment LOL. Dish still hasn't managed to find a tech to come out here and hook up our box, and we are seriously debating just foregoing having it. Between netflix and the library we should have any television needs covered. If I want news I can see it online and honestly there really isn't that much we care to watch on regular television these days. It's been really nice being tv ad free or not hearing kids argue over what to watch, which are usually shows we have no desire for them to watch. And lets face it, 17 a month for netflix and free check-outs at the library are alot cheaper than 60+ a month for Dish, especially when there is nothing on that we want to see.
Eric has about two more weeks before he goes back to work, so we are enjoying our time together to the fullest as we settle in to the fact that we are living the dream we have had for so long now.


HermitJim said...

Given all the reasons you just explained, I'd go for doing without the dish!

Netflix and the library sound like some very good avenues to me! Besides, just think about how much reading you can catch up on!

Susan Stevenson said...

So happy to read you're settling in nicely.

I think you should just skip DISH too, as long as Netflix and the library provides you with what you want/need. Personally though... I can sometimes go a little stir crazy in winter, and DISH keeps me company - especially in the middle of the night when I have insomnia. *grin*

However, I HAVE been wanting to read more. Perhaps the TV should be turned off more often.

Take care!

Susan in North Pole