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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Still looking..

(photo taken at Rika's Roadhouse, which is one of my dream homes)
for the life we are seeking,LOL. We've found the state we want, without a doubt....but still seeking our little bit remote, homesteaded, built with our own hands, mom at home place in the world. It's funny how you have things pictured in your head as to how you expect them to be, and most of the time they never are. We can see alot of exactly what we are looking for, we just can't figure out how to get across that "barrier" to land where we wish too, if that makes any sense. There are folks all around this area that are living exactly the type of life we are looking for, we just have to figure out and plan how to take the step "backwards" out of what feels like surburban living back into our more normal country type life...only with the extra we felt like we were missing that we feel abundantly here in Alaska. I'm probably rambling and scattering strange thoughts, but I'm (secretly) hopeful that writing it down will settle all the ideas, thoughts, and extra baggage whirling around in my head so I can figure out how to focus on achieving our goals. Ok, feel better getting some of that outta my head, maybe now I can sleep so I can go to work tomorrow and not feel completely stressed because me working is the opposite of what we want, but is necessary for the time being since we are starting our whole world over from scratch. Gosh, now it sounds like I am whining, and I promise I'm not (!!!!), guess I'm just tired, a bit frustrated, and just totally lacking on ideas at the moment on how to achieve our dream short of winning a lottery so we can afford to buy a place. On the bright side, I really really love Alaska ;-)


Kelle said...

Know how you feel. When we were looking for our future homestead we looked for over two years, finding nothing that felt right( if you know what I mean?) We decided maybe we weren't called to live on a homestead and stopped looking, all the while still living a very frugal life in the city. Out of the blue one day in the grocery store I happened to pick up one of those real estate magazines and was thumbing through it after the kids had gone to bed. My Dh worked nights at the time. I found an ad we'd never seen before so called to find out the location. When my Dh called that evening I told him about it , so we made plans to drive out to take a look. We did, although we couldn't see the inside of the farmhouse we decided to call our realtor, we met him the following day. Anyway to make a long story short, we made an offer right that day, they accepted( our lowball offer), listed our home, it sold two days later and now we're living on our homestead( for almost 8yrs now)
I know it's hard, but be patient you'll find the right property for the price you need when you are supposed to, until then just keep working at a frugal, simple way of life and take the opportunity to prepare for a future rural home. *wink*

Hayley said...

I get it Missy. Totally.

~Missy~ said...

Thanks Kelle! We had the country life in Alabama, but Alabama just didn't feel like home despite almost 11 years there. We certainly are not cut out to be city folks at all!
I know you do Hayley, your boat is drifting not too far from mine...but at least you have your stuff and a cute little Alaskan looking house to live in LOL!!! ;-)
This duplex is killing me, though it really isn't bad other than it isn't MY idea of what an Alaska house is supposed to look like, haha!

Hayley said...

Oh I know Missy. Yes, we are very grateful. I have wondered about your stuff. I know you sold most everything but did you just bring what you could carry on the plane?
Also, there are lots of houses up here that are not what MY idea of Alaska was. Now I have a new idea of what the word Alaska before the word house means. I guess I was expecting something more Colorado-ish maybe?

~Missy~ said...

We had 9 suitcases on the plane and I have about 12 boxes sitting at my mother in laws house till I can start shipping them up one at a time. Those things like pictures and such that just could NOT be gotten rid of!
I'm doing alot of redefining rapidly, but I know we definately want farther out than Fairbanks/North Pole!

Moose Nuggets said...

Pray, girl.
And submit to the fact that where you are right now is where God wants you. He knows the plans He has for you! (is that Jer 29:11?)

use this first year as a chance to truly define what y'all are and what you want to be. What God has planned is usually more amazing than anything we could ever dream up for

I get it, too. This is the first place I've ever lived that has made me feel like I'm HOME.