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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back home...

at least for now, and prayerfully for good! We are finally getting back in to the "right" faith. Not that we ever lost faith (or were in a "wrong" faith), we just got so busy once we got to where we dreamed of living that we forgot Who was driving this, the same One who got us here and tried to take over the wheel...always a big mistake! So, long story short, we decided we need to let God take back over where He wants us and how He wants us to go about it, without taking on things we think we are "supposed" to be doing, especially when they go against what we desire and fundamentally believe. I know many many folks who think it old fashioned and sexist for the wife to be at home, but it's where we feel I should be..its where we feel God commands I be...so here I am! If and/or when He leads us to think I need to take on outside work, He will be the one to show us, not us thinking we have too because we need ___________ (fill in the blank). We are still hopeful that we will eventually be led to our little dream of a more rural setting...but I have faith, and I know without a doubt He can work all kinds of miracles (Hey, He got my hubby to move out of the South, that's a major miracle, if you knew my Mr. Steady guy LOL). And, on the bright side, I get to spend time with my girls, whom I have been missing horribly from work...and maybe get to keep up the blog of our adventure a little bit better!!


an.Alaskan.mom said...

Things tend to fall into place, after they fall into a river, pothole, puddle, and off a cliff.

I hope you find your dream situation soon!

Kelle said...

PTL that you are listening to what He lays on your heart. Following in oldfashioned footsteps isn't always easy and not everyone understands but it is what God wants that is important.

Enjoy your time at home and be prepared, you'll work harder than you ever have at some outside job, but it's worth it, every moment :o)