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Friday, May 21, 2010

It's moving along

here on the Alaskan front in our 2 1/2 weeks. Hubby is off at work today and I start my new job with Wells Fargo Monday. Going to be quite an adjust for me and the kidlets since I've done the at home mom thing for years and years now! Our new to us car here is up and running, taking Eric back and forth to Anchorage to work, but he is still seeking work here in the "Valley" to cut down on gas costs and to give us a bit more time together as we are used to. The beauty all around us still astounds us every single day and seeing a moose is still a thrill and we act like the newbies we are LOL. Soon on the agenda will be a place of our own and a second car so we don't have to worry about how each of us will get to work. It's all moving at His Pace! He has guided us every step of the way with this move and we continue to lean on Him and try not to worry or stress. We fully believe He led us here and has a plan in mind just for us. Some days are harder than others to have the patience we need to have, but on the whole, thing are going very well and following logical steps. Now I just need to get someone to teach me how to upload mulitple photos in a blog ;-)


Faith Kolean said...

Welcome! It appears that we are country neighbors.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

That view is just stunning! RE photos, you should be able to load 5 at a time, open 'new post', along the top of your text box there are a line of symbols,for text etc, towards the right hand side is a 'photo' image, click on that, a new window will open, here you can load direct from your computer, above the browse box is 'add another image' click on this each time to add another photo. It will let you load 5 at a time. Sorry if you already know all this ;-D Going back to the new post box to the top right there are the words Edit HTML and Compose, I always use the 'compose' tab, the photos show here and you can add your text accordingly.

Tammie said...

gorgeous view.

so glad you're happy.

we recently moved from florida to oregon and i couldnt be happier. its wonderful to finally just LOVE your surroundings isnt it?

Lisa said...

That spot along the highway is one of my favorites!! Wait until the fall, when you have all the colors with the mtns in the background...its awesome! Have you guys been to the Nancy Lake Recreation Area yet? Its there in Willow and is a good spot to walk, take out a boat/canoe/kayak. I'll send you an email and maybe we can get together soon!

~Missy~ said...

Thanks All! Almost 3 weeks in here AK and falling more in love with it every day! Haven't been down into Nancy Lake yet, its right up there on the "to-do" list. Went to Sheep Creek the other day and walked a bit. I'd love to meet some of you local folks!

A Joyful Chaos said...

We just moved several weeks ago and getting into routine again is something of a challenge. We also moved because we felt led to and keep trusting everything will work out. Somedays that is harder to do than others.

Blessings in your new home.