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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Quick update

Will get on here Saturday and make a good update, but just had to share that since last posting the hubby got offered a very good job, my job transferred me and we are now in North Pole, AK!! Been settling into the house we found this past week and getting into the work mode...be glad when I have furniture LOL


Hayley said...

Oh that's right. The North Pole! We drove through there. Did that change recently? Because you mentioned you were two hours from me and the North Pole is closer. Are you trying to get out of a lunch date???

~Missy~ said...

Not a chance!! I haven't been to Delta yet, and might have been thinking about the 2 hours (wintertime) drive to Greely...when you heading over in this direction?? I have Saturdays and Sundays off!

Hayley said...

Well it actually could be a 2 hour drive in the winter. We drove to Fairbanks yesterday and through your town! 2 hours wasn't too far off the mark. It was a full day that I hope we don't have to repeat for a while. When I make the trip for leisure I will contact you. Have you been in touch with Susan Stevenson of http://susanstevenson.com/blog/ yet? I bet she would take you under her wing if you need it!

Becky said...

Tell Santa Hello!