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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Our Home Sweet Alabama

Slowly settling into our new home, though there are probably about a million little things to still find a home for that make sense. This photo is from about halfway down the in the front yard. Most of the 11 acres are to the right side and behind us.

This is looking down from the front downstairs porch towards the main driveway, the soon-to-be chicken coop and the garden area. We're going to make that large cleared area the orchard as soon as we get a chance.

Looking towards the back end of the driveway towards the road. It makes a huge circle, but since we have the yard fenced in, we rarely use this end. I love all these shade trees in the front yard.

Our other family member, Dixie Lou, waiting patiently at the door for me to let her go out and make sure all the squirrels are up out of her yard and in the trees where they belong!

The front of the downstairs... looking towards the kitchen and dining area from the stairs.

Standing in my kitchen looking across the dining area and to the staircase. The light under the stairs leads into the storm shelter that's completely underground. All the walls of downstairs are also underground.

The back of the downstairs is our living room. I'm standing at the woodstove looking across the room to my office area.

Standing at the office end looking towards the wood stove. Poor Eric needs to get his deer up on the wall soon so it is "officially home! The green walls are going to go. We are getting samples now for a nice cream color to brighten it up since, being underground, we have no windows downstairs except the one over the sink and the double window in the dining area at the front of the house.

More photos on the way soon as well as all the fun ideas, projects and other things we want in our life and home!

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