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Sunday, September 08, 2013

After a talk with the techs

and feeling silly for not thinking of unplugging the router AND the modem to correct my lack of internet... I can now get on with a view of the upstairs of our slowly coming together home...

Standing at the bottom of the stairwell looking up...

Looking down the hallway from top of stairs.
The first door to the right is the
spare bedroom.

Peeking in the door of AJ's room...

Standing in AJ's room at the back door that leads into the shop, note
her mix of Marilyn, Paris and Peace Hippie :-)

Marilyn and Peace over the bed

And her Paris canvas and dream catcher,
needs her Eiffel Tower poster
framed to go up now.

Peeking into the Master Bedroom door, the
other door leads to the upstairs porch.

Looking from the Porch door.

I love our headboard that Christina gave us!

A peek into the bathroom, which needs some work.

The length of the upstairs porch

Our favorite hangout day or night.

Passing back thru our bedroom

Looking down the hall to the stairs.

No idea why they embedded a quarter into
the wall, but it's pretty cool.

Looking back down the staircase with
a good cross-breeze window.

If you go under the staircase, it leads to
our underground storm shelter
that attaches to the side of the house.
All of downstairs except the front wall
is completely underground.

And back to my nifty little kitchen.

Loving our home and all the ideas we have for it.

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