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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I shall return!!!

Now that we've settled thru all the massive changes we had to deal with and at home in our place we will be for quite a while to come, I get to return to blogging!!! One major change was bringing our youngest girly back home to learn at home in a loose kinda freestyle/unschooling type way. I have a very few things that are required and the rest of the time we just go along like leaves wherever the wind blows us.  One of our things is a weekly trip to our small town library, who (YES) happen to have high speed internet. So I thought I could type up on Word each week and upload on our visit to the library along with pictures we've taken during the week. Now, off to take my girly to get a milkshake and get ready to float down the creek on Saturday...our first time getting to do this since before we moved to Alaska. Two years is a very long time to go without floating our favorite places in the world!

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