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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little of this and that...

I'm working within the confines of dial up to get my blog here fixed back up and on track..and hopefully active again. I miss posting so much, lots going on, opinions to share and life in general...I miss sharing it all with my bloggy pals!

So, on another note, I have weight gain issues. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm skinny and could stand to gain weight (note previous photos for proof of the extent of bony-ness LOL) HOWEVER, I find it highly wrong the manner in which I am finally gaining weight. I was thrilled to finally get back up to 126, which was always my goal weight since it is the bottom number of "correct weight for height and frame"....Well, as I was walking out of one of my doc offices a few days ago (Monday), she grinned at me and said "Curious?", of course I am, curious is my middle name....133 1/2!!!! While normally this would be a good thing, I find it extremely wrong that I've worked and slaved for years to gain weight, and instead of the nice lovely thin little layer I want all over...it is ALL hitting my belly, I look 3 months preg for heavens sake!! This is so wrong. Ok, done whining, I know I could have much worse issues
I suppose, opinions here, that it makes it really wrong that I had 3 1 inch slices (ok, 1 1/2 inch) of banana bread for breakfast ;-)Went on the weekly baking binge yesterday and made 2 loaves of banana bread, 2 dozen blueberry muffings, one huge pan of chocolate chip bars, and a square pan of each chocolate chip/pecan bars and peanut butter chip bars.Time to replenish the flour supply now LOL

I've been praying and studying up on homeschooling again. We homeschooled years ago with the 4 oldest, but decided to try public school when we moved from big city to small town. Lately I've been feeling a strong tugging in my heart to bring my youngest back out. My oldest at home is in 10th grade and is really doing well in that setting, and there is no way I could replace some of the classes that she is taking. My youngest, however, is not doing well in public. It just is not her learning style. She's asked several times over the last few weeks to be homeschooled like her brothers and sister were, but can't provide reasons why she wants to make this change (other than she says she is bored in school and her friends think it is a good idea and that they want to also but thier moms work and because the boys did so good when I was teaching them).So, I'm researching, praying and waiting. Hubby and I agreed to have a decision by end of the semester(December). We had picked that date because when the first 9 week grades came out she was failing 3 classes I know she should be doing fine in. Then I kinda got floored when 2nd 9 week grades came out and she went from an F to a B in math. Considering I help with homework every nite (literally 2-4 hours each evening for a 5th grader?!?!?!?!), and I know for a fact that she still has not grasped the work they were doing (add and subtract fractions) to the point of tears trying to understand...HOW in the world did her grade jump that much? It honestly makes no sense to me. She knows it is being considered and she knows the final decision rests with Daddy. Prayers for God's will in this are very welcome!

Wishing you all a blessed day!


Hayley said...

First of all, glad to see you back here! I always am.

Secondly, I've never had the 'skinny" troubles you've had, but realize this could be troubling in its own way. I can relate to gaining it all in the belly. Though my tends to gravitate to the booby area as well...and NO, it is not a good thing. Not for me.

I think homeschooling is a great idea. I entertained the idea myself, but realized that Charley would do much better in the public school setting. All kids are different. It is great that we have that choice.

Missy said...

Ever so glad I'm able to work around phone times so I can get on here a bit!!
It is bothersome, especially when I get the whole "gee, I wish I had trouble gaining weight" stuff. No clue how awful it feels to look like I have an eating disorder all the time....And I'd dearly love mine to gravitate to the booby area, but then, you have a better bosom than me..and I went Double D's when preg and I in no way shape or form wanna deal with that LOL.
I could see you homeschooling Charley, but you'd really need to be involved with an active homeschool group. She seems to thrive on peer interaction. Ash does too, her problems are more in the style the lessons are taught. She is much more a visual/hands on type learner rather than teachers talking and talking about stuff...right now she only has one teacher that is just terrific at hands on activities, which is one of her two "A" classes.