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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stumbling back in and the girls Christmas pictures..

Whoa, what a chaotic few months we have had here. We've all made it thru safe and sound, thank heavens!!

Now, time to jump back into blogging, with a short break at the end of this week as we spend 3 days helping some friends with thier daughters wedding.

I've missed blogspot so much! Had to take a step back, though, as I realized I was spending 5+ hours on here daily and everything else was falling to the wayside. I've been weeding out my blogs I follow this morning as I had over 300 different ones....no wonder I was on here so much LOL. Most of them got added as I was browsing thru blogs I follow and would check out blogs they follow...and so on...and would see one post or a few pictures that interested me, so they got added to the list....what an addiction!

Looking forward to get caught back up on what everyone here in bloggyspace is doing!!


Tammie said...

blogging can be a time suck cant it??

i subscribe to over 100 different blogs and i found them all much in the way you described. but there is no way i could read every post for every one. i pick and choose daily. :)

Not Hannah said...

I don't subscribe to that many, but I can usually only get to four or five of them a day. If I'm very, very good and don't veg out in front of the computer all day. Heh.

Glad you're back!

Tracy said...

I recently did the very same thing, Missie! It's amazing how the blog lists grow. :)

Kathy C. said...

Good for you for taking that needed time away. I really have no idea how many blogs I subscribe too, LOL
I think we can all be guilty of spending too much time on the computer every now and again. The important part is that you got it under control. :)

Nishant said...

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